Devotional Songs

Bhajan is a musical genre that is associated with devotional verses and engaging tunes. It follows no specific musical style. The major aspect of Bhajans lies in the lyrics. The devotional Lyrics are meant to move the listener or singer. The songs in Bhajan use words as offerings to God. Loving devotion is an ecstatic feeling. This state is obtained easily through music. Many devotees can’t hold their tears while singing through beautiful devotional verses. From the 14th Century, the start of this genre was marked by the songs of many devotees and songwriters, who are now legends of Indian Classical Music, folk music, etc. In this website devotional piano notes can be found in its purest form. Devotional sargam or devotional notation is best when it is kept unadulterated. So, our focus is to present the authentic versions of the Hindi devotional piano notes. The singers and songwriters wrote the songs in their vernacular language and they became popular by singing in temples before the deity. Often these songs were entertained by Landowners and kings as a part of their court. This also made them popular. The North and South Indian Poets wrote their devotion and sang them as devotional service to God. It was not their motive to popularize them. So, many of the verses were just lost in time. Some North and South Indian Poets became famous by the sheer virtue of dripping devotional nectar from their verses. Similarly, you may enjoy the celestic experience through playing devotional keyboard notes. In Modern days too bhajans are sung by singers and also written afresh, the devotional notation is composed by well known classical composers. The Beautiful aspect is the significance of Bhajan as a pure musical genre rather than linked with Hinduism or Sikhism. Singers and Songwriters of varied religious backgrounds cherish the tunes and verses of this blissful devotional music. But devotional notations are hard to find, especially for some old forms of music. Despite all the above, it is extremely difficult to find authentic Hindi song piano notations. The bhajans popular in Bollywood songs and devotional notation are also rare. Even if they are found, they cannot maintain the authenticity of the notes in the hindi songs piano notes. We have devoted our time to researching and providing you the correct verses and tunes in the Bhajan genre. We have included the most popular to the most forgotten beautiful devotional music in hindi piano notes for your devotional pleasure. The devotional song piano notes are needed for creating the best experience in the festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, when Bollywood indulges in devotional music is given priority. Any auspicious occasions that are celebrated throughout the year requires Devotional songs and thus, devotional song piano notes are required to go along with the music. Navaratri is an occasion which requires to engage the devotees with devotional songs. You can look for any Devotional song Piano Notes that you want to play on a dandiya night.

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