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What kind of Marathi Piano notes we offer

Marathi Cinema has a reputation for being driven by content. In the changing pattern of Movies in a world where movies started focusing on entertainment and commercial impact, Marathi movies have somehow continued prioritizing the content. Marathi Music also traces the same path. This happens to be the major reason behind nomination of Marathi Cinema in National and International awards so frequently. Marathi people try to stick to the roots through inclusions of beautiful Marathi music into their Cinema and otherwise in their daily lives. The marathi Cinema is categorized into vivid categories just like the Bollywood categories. There is importance of fast paced music and melodies both, when it comes to authentic Marathi music in our collection. Marathi songs piano notes are available for songs of every category possible. There are several patterns of the Marathi Cinema that includes Marathi Classical as well as fusion music in them. Whatever be the fusion in the orchestra, a piano player can always be spotted. So, Marathi piano notes are to be kept handy for preparation of any song at its most authentic form. We provide as it is lyrics and matching piano notes for you to learn from. So, no need to worry about the accuracy of the Marathi songs piano notations that we offer. It is our pleasure to preserve a vast ocean of collections of Marthi Songs.

Retro Bollywood Marathi Songs Piano Notes

When Bollywood entered the Retro period, simultaneously or later, all other regional musical patterns were seen in Retro mode. Marathi Retro Music is a famous marathi music genre. If you are listening to old retro music in Marathi language that were popular in their times, there is no need to speculate about the availability, because we are here to provide you with different kinds of Marthi song Lyrics and Marathisong Piano Notations which you may play along while singing.

New / Modern Marathi Song Piano Notation

Modern Marathi songs Piano Notations are also available on this website, just search for them and the piano notations will be presented to you. Though Bollywood happens to be the most popular cinema industry in the country, it has never overshadowed the Marathi, the regional pride of Maharashtra. It is how Maharashtra still maintains the classical songs in its days of joy. Modern Marathi music includes all kinds of remixes and fusion where a lot from the past of the Golden age of Marathi music is captured. The Banganga Festival, Latur Festival, Sawai Gandharv Festival are only a few names of many music festivals held in Maharashtra throughout the year. These festivals help to popularize the modern and fusion Marathi songs as well as reminds the local people of the authentic Marahi Classics.

Marathi Album Song Piano Notes

There are many Marathi regional singers who have done Bollywood projects but also maintain the connection with their roots by doing singles and classical albums in the Marathi language. You can find your favorite Marathi song Piano notes of your favorite artist on this website. Maharashtra has tried its best to maintain the roots avlive by releasing newer Marathi song albums and also released the marathi versions of the songs from Bollywood. Often, Marathi Music is also absorbed in Bollywood, and popularity increases even more. The tunes of the songs from Movie Sairat became more popular after the release of its Bollywood version. People still like to listen to the original notes from the music video. You can find the Brand new songs of fusion music in our Marathi songs Piano notes collection. We feel proud to play our part in preserving the rich regional music of Maharashtra in form of authentic Marathi songs piano notations.
Sur Niragas Ho – Katyar Kaljat Ghusali Piano Notes

Yad Lagla Ga – Sairat (2016)

Yad Laglag Yad Laglag GBBC+C+, C+C+C+D+C+BB Rangla Tujhyat Yad Laglag GBBC+C+D+D+D+ D+F+D#+D+D+ Vaas Hyo Usaat Yee Kasturicha GBBC+C+, C+C+C+D+C+BB Chakhalya...

Navari Aali (Tujhya Majhya Sansarala) Piano Notes

Navari Aali (Tujhya Majhya Sansarala) Piano Notes

गो-या गो-या गालांवरी चढली लाजंची लाली गंपोरी नवरी आली CEEF CEEF CEE FFGEF FGBbG# FGEFF सनई?ा सुरांमंदी चौघडा बोलतो दारी...

Popat Pisatla (Marathi) Piano Notes

Popat Pisatla (Marathi) Piano Notes

Ranat uthala vanvaaa, Aani zali dainaaa.. C+D+ D+F+D#+D#+D+C+ BBC+, C+C+BC+BG#GG Adkun padala raghu, An tadpali maina.. C+D+ D+F+D#+D#+D+C+ BBC+, C+D+BC+C+D+...

Lay Valvaltay (Ranjan) Piano Notes

Lay Valvaltay (Ranjan) Piano Notes

Lay Valvaltay lay lay lay valvatay F+F#+ F+D#+D#+D#+, F#+F#+F#+F+D#+D#+ Lay Valvaltay man chulbultay F+F#+F#+F+D#+D#+, F+F#+F#+F+D#+D#+ kadi ghutamaltay kadi halhaltay D#+F+F+F+...

Bujgawana (Zhala Bobhata) Piano Notes

Bujgawana (Zhala Bobhata) Piano Notes

Bujgawana, Bujgawana..(x4) D+D+F+D+ F+D+ Gaav jhalay gola ra, Bin bailacha pola ra D+D+D+ D+D+F+F+, D+D+D+ D+D+ D+D+F+F+ Shikkarachya vhatavar, Saavaj...

Tu Pari (Bucket) Piano Notes

Tu Pari (Bucket) Piano Notes

Rangdhanu Chhednari Manmanjiri Mohini AE+E+D+ C#+C#+C#+D+, C#+D+C#+BA D+C#+BA Tu Pari… F#AA Swapnani Rangnari Sajiri Gojiri AE+D+F#+E+D+D+ C#+C#+C#+D+ C#+D+C#+BA D+C#+BA Tu...

Majhya Mana (Bucket) Piano Notes

Houn Jau Dya (Bucket) Piano Notes

Hi duniya Rang Rangili, Swapnani Bharleli BBBC+BGGED, BBC+BGED Baghtana Jagtana Kai zala sang na DAAA DAAA AAB ABBA varya Varati...

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