Bengali Songs

Bengali Culture has a diverse and rich background in music. Being the motherland of Tagore, the class of distinct and popular music. Rabindra Sangeet happens to be the greatest milestone in the history of Bengali music. The songs under Rabindra Sangeet are filled in a thick book called “Sanchaita”. Sanchaita has every possible emotion of a human being captured in the beautiful verses of its songs written by Tegore. There are many more domains apart from Tagore’s that reflect the Bengali Folk culture in which lucid folk language, nature, and food are mingled. Bengali culture has a glorious history that tells stories of the Bengal’s villages, farmers, crops, women, poverty, riches etc. A lot of Bengali songs have been linked with the history of the British ruled Bengal, freedom fighters, poets etc. Bengali music has met a transition when many of the singers and songwriters have embraced the effect of different religions, languages, and cultures in their music. The lyrics were changed, use of instruments innovated with the inclusion of the instruments used in history.

Rabindra Sangeet Notes / sargam

This is a unique form of music that is meant to merge with literature as well as life. The emotions captured in each of the verses of Rabindra Sangeet Lyrics are evergreen and thus they can be used forever. Maybe this is the Reason why Tollywood, the regional cinema includes them endlessly in its cinema music. Piano is a great instrument to play along with Rabindra Sangeet. If you are finding Bengali song piano notes for Rabindra Sangeet, then you are on the right track. Congratulate yourself on finding the most reliable place that can provide you with The Bengali songs Piano Notations, especially Rabindra Sangeet.

Folk Music Notation

If you are on a treasure hunt to find the most delicate obscure Bengali piano notations, you may dig into our folk music collections. Bengali’s are fond of music irrespective of caste creed and religion. This may be the reason for the availability of a vivid cultural amalgamation in the music and in the instruments used in the music. The lyrics of the songs never fail to tell you a story about the humble and rooted Bengali rural culture where love and peace are cultivated as crops. The rural music is played with all its glory in synchrony with all the new aged instruments that we are aware of. The intelligent use of western instruments adds a new tang to the taste of rural folk.

Tollywood Filmy song Keyboard Notes

Tollywood is a popular cinema that has a star-studded history. Nobel Laureate Satyajeet Ray was a famous director who also took pleasure in the creation of novel and heart-squeezing tunes. He has created music and played them as a part of his cinema. He included many instruments including violin and piano. You may like to learn the Bengali songs Piano Notations of Satyajit Ray’s movies. It is our pleasure to present you with the authentic Bengali song notations which are unadulterated.

Music Albums Piano Notes & Sargam

Bengali Bands are very popular in Bengal and Abroad. They are known for realistic lyrics that connect with the intricate details of an individual’s life. All that, and some beautiful musical notes makes these songs rule the hearts of people in Bengal. There are several variations in the Bangla band songs as well, often they borrow from classical or folk music. Bengali songs Keyboard notes are essential to play flawlessly various Bengali Albums of your favorite Bands. Durga Puja seems incomplete without the inclusion of a wide variety of Bengali Songs with the Dhunuchi Naach and even during pandal hopping. If you are a fan of Bengali Music then find the best suitable Bengali song notations on this site and please everyone with your flawless music.
Hoye Jetey Paari (Fidaa) Piano Notes

Tomake (Fidaa) Piano Notes

Tomake diyechilam BF#+E+F#+, D+E+D+C#+BA Chena chena kotha gulo BC#+D+C#+ BA E+D+E+ Esho na jure nite BF#+E+F#+E+D+ D+E+D+C#+BA Chera chera byetha...

Ure Jaak (Uma) Piano Notes

Esho Bondhu (Uma) Piano Notes

Kiser Daake Pothe Nemechi AC#+D+E+ D+C#+D+C#+A Ke Ba Vobissot Dekhechi C+C+C+ C+C+C+ D+C+A Haate Haat Melao BC+AAB Kadhey Kadh Melao...

Masha Allah (Sultan) Piano Notes

Masha Allah (Sultan) Piano Notes

Din-Dupure Moner Ghore Dakat Poreche F+F+F+F#+ D#+D#+D#+C+ C+D#+F#F+D#+C#+C+Bb Tor Silky Chuler Beautiful Ek Nesha Dhoreche F+F+F+F#+ D#+D#+D#+C+ C+D#+F#F+D#+C#+C+Bb Masha Allah,...

Amar Mon (Sultan) Piano Notes

Amar Mon (Sultan) Piano Notes

Amar Mon Tor paray AABC+D+ E+F+E+D+D+..C+B Eseche tori ashkaray (x2) BBD+BG ABC+BA Toke bolbo vabi kichu alpo kothay AB GABBB,...

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