Punjabi Songs

Punjabi songs are eminent music all over the globe. The language is considered very appealing when in song lyrics. Many Punjabi speaking and non-Punjabi speaking people are hardcore fans of the music in this language. The use of different instruments including piano and guitar is popular in Punjab.

Punjabi Pop Music

Punjabi Pop Music is the class of Punjabi Music which is popular for its music and beats. The Punjabi Bhangra songs are popular across the world and in discos. There are many aspects of the punjabi culture which got mingled with the Western style and some western lyrics to give it a new form. Though the Punjabi music in its true form is also famous as a very popular form of music across India and in many other countries around the world. If you are wondering about the availability of Punjabi pop songs Piano notations this is the right place for you. Dholki, Nagada, etc are instruments that add to the beats. But If you are looking for authentic Punjabi song notations, or Punjabi song piano notes, you can search for them on this site. We have a vast collection of Punjabi Music, lyrics and Punjabi song piano notations. If you look for any form of popular punjabi song and their notations in Piano, they are available on our website. All you need to do is type the song in the search bar and get the purest form of Punjabi Song Piano Notes. .

Punjabi Folk music

The Punjabi Folk is the type of song popular for both its peppy lyrics and beats. Everyone starts to dance at a dum-dum-luk-luk beat with lyrics by widely accepted lyricists of Punjaabi songs. These songs and lyrics are famous for the engaging tunes and also the world famous artists who perform all around the world. Punjabi pop also gained its popularity from inclusion in Bollywood or, we might also say it the other way around, Bollywood gained popularity because of Punjabi Music. Famous Bollywood composers include bhangra as their first choice when it comes to rejoicing party music. In about every movie in Bollywood now-a-days you get a Punjabi song. If you want to be a heartthrob in a Punjabi then you need to be a part of the orchestra, the Punjabi song piano notations are something that we provide. We preserve the Punjabi song piano notations with all our pride. Punjabi songs are played widely across US and UK as party songs in many concerts that are enjoyed by many non-Punjabis as well. People in Kurta and lungis playing a dhol, are famous aspects of Punjabi celebrations. It is common on occasions such as Lohri. Celebration based songs are very popular among Punjabi community and they have beautiful folk songs that serve the purpose of celebrations during the Celebrations. But to enhance the joy of the moment preventing any unauthentic notation is important. You can count on us for any Punjabi song piano notes.

Devotional Punjabi Music

Punjab is also known for its devotion to the Gurus and Yogis. Punjabis have a separate form of Bhakti Music that is popular among devotees. Krishna bhajan, Ram-Seeta and all other hindi Gods and Goddesses are worshipped through Punjabi Devotional music. There are several forms of music in Punjab also though the Bhangra is popular, but the other forms of music are also practiced during Punjabi occasions and Celebrations. Punjabi Devotional music also includes various songs and Bhajans which are sung as a part of Gurbaani. This language is also the language spoken by Sikhs and thus both hindu and Sikh culture is included in Punjabi Devotional verses.
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